Seamless invoice chain integration

Seamless invoice chain integration

We make invoicing processes more reliable and more effective than ever. MIAG provides end-to-end invoice chain services to METRO and its suppliers. With efficient communication structures and enhanced interaction, MIAG safeguards an outstanding invoice chain experience and helps our suppliers grow their business.

Just one easy-to-use gateway gives suppliers access to all relevant invoice chain topics. The all-new e-form saves time and resources so that suppliers can focus on doing what they do best: supplying. After all, it is their outstanding products that make customer centricity an everyday reality throughout METRO.

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MIAG Resolutions Services

The easy, intuitive and user-friendly navigation of MIAG’s new centralised Supplier Enquiry Platform makes sure that all key data are submitted in full and at the same time. Users are guided step by step, ensuring maximum process efficiency. This significantly speeds up the invoicing process, helps expedite enquiries and facilitates the quick resolution of all issues that may arise.

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MIAG Information and Tracking

MIAG’s platform represents a quantum leap in user-friendliness for suppliers. All processes are completely transparent at all times. Automated assignment of queries guarantees that a case agent is always available. In addition, a powerful reporting tool tracks invoices and issues. All these efforts place suppliers at the centre of invoicing, with account status at their fingertips.

Information Services

MIAG Financial Services

MIAG Premium Services programme*

Thanks to the MIAG Premium Services offering, suppliers can also benefit from preferred resolutions of their issues. Regardless of the number of case agents available, MIAG Premium Suppliers enjoy priority treatment – guaranteed! This leads to an even faster resolution of their individual concerns.

MIAG Resolution Services

Suppliers seeking a safe and sound way to enhance their business collaboration with METRO need to look no further than MIAG Resolution Services. Our simple and intuitive platform represents an intelligent link to METRO's vast resources of expertise. It helps suppliers reduce the time and resources necessary to track invoice or payment cases effectively.

Features of MIAG Resolution Services:

  • Guaranteed case priority thanks to intelligent auto-case distribution and escalation.
  • Fast automated guides/reports to support the resolution of invoice chain issues.
  • Invoice discounting (financing) via MIAG Vendor Discounting (MVD).
  • Enhanced payment protection via MIAG Payment Guarantee.

MIAG Information Services

Efficient administrative services deliver the information to balance your transactions quickly and accurately. To support this goal, MIAG offers suppliers of METRO Cash & Carry as well as selected non METRO companies the following:

  • Electronic remittance advice (in various formats) minimises the need for external financing by facilitating early payment reconciliation and significantly reducing administrative overhead for the tracking of payments.
  • Invoice status report grants planning security through enhanced control over pending invoices.
  • METRO Cash & Carry invoice record archives all past and present invoices, giving suppliers additional control over their accounts.

With these interlocking modular services, MIAG affords suppliers an even closer collaboration with METRO.

MIAG Vendor Discounting

For METRO, retail excellence is tantamount to being able to offer end customers consistent, high-quality products. That is why we emphasise robust supply chains for our most important professional customers. With MIAG Vendor Discounting (MVD), METRO offers a service which warrants high shelf availability of the required products. Consumers can therefore, rely on the quality they have come to expect from us and our professional customers.

Through MVD, our group supplier partners can access METRO's working capital services. MVD lets them unlock cash potential from their supply chain: they are able to make use of the group's credit rating - anytime, anywhere, without the need for costly external financing funds. In this way, we safeguard critical functions such as procurement and contribute to the business success of our partners.

* Availability of individual service components may vary from country to country. To check which individual services are available, please contact us at

Payment and MIAG Payment Guarantee


MIAG conducts payment services for METRO sales lines, as well as selected non METRO companies allowing an accurate assessment of the risk level in local operations. MIAG's Payment Services activities are a necessary requirement for MIAG Payment Guarantee services. They help determine the correct capital adequacy level which is attained through the Payment Services function.

MIAG Payment Guarantee

It helps strengthen the financial credibility for suppliers of METRO Cash & Carry as well as particular non METRO companies suppliers and also save costs. With this service, MIAG provides a 100 per cent payment guarantee for suppliers of METRO Cash & Carry as well as selected non METRO companies trade receivables and ensures a simple claims process. This, in turn, allows suppliers of METRO Cash & Carry as well as selected non METRO companies partner banks to reduce their collection risks. Thus, the MIAG Payment Guarantee is a cost-efficient and reliable alternative for external credit insurers.

The advantages of MIAG Payment Guarantee:

  • helps save costs and protect supplier margins
  • reduces non-payment risks (100 per cent guarantee)
  • supports the reliability of suppliers as METRO as well as selected non METRO companies business partners and constitutes the basis for increased credit access from financial institutions


As part of METRO, we comply with the METRO Compliance Programme. This means all activities are in absolute compliance with all applicable laws and the Business Principles laid down by METRO.

If you have any questions concerning compliance, please contact