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Seamless invoice chain integration

We enhance invoicing processes for reliability and effectiveness. MIAG offers end-to-end invoice chain services to both METRO and its suppliers. Through streamlined communication structures and improved interaction, MIAG ensures an exceptional invoice chain experience, supporting the growth of our suppliers' businesses.

With just one easy-to-use portal, suppliers gain access to all relevant invoice chain topics. The E-Form streamlines processes, saving valuable time and resources for suppliers to focus on their core expertise: supplying. Ultimately, it's their exceptional products that embody customer centricity, making it a daily reality across METRO.

MIAG Resolutions Services

The streamlined and user-friendly navigation of MIAG's centralized Supplier Enquiry Platform (E-Form) ensures comprehensive submission of all data and automatically assigns a dedicated case agent. This enhances and accelerates the invoicing process and expedites enquiries to facilitate prompt resolution of any issues.

Payment and MIAG Payment Guarantee


MIAG provides payment services for METRO sales lines, as well as selected third parties. This facilitates an accurate assessment of the risk level in local operations. MIAG's Payment Services are a necessary requirement for the MIAG Payment Guarantee.

MIAG Payment Guarantee

The MIAG Payment Guarantee enhances financial credibility for suppliers of METRO. Through this service, MIAG offers suppliers of METRO a 100% payment guarantee for trade receivables, ensuring a streamlined claims process. This enables partner banks of METRO to mitigate collection risks. The MIAG Payment Guarantee presents a cost-effective and dependable alternative to external credit insurers.

The benefits of MIAG Payment Guarantee include

  • Cost savings and safeguarding of supplier margins
  • Mitigation of non-payment risks
  • Reinforcement of supplier reliability as business partners for METRO, laying the groundwork for enhanced credit access from financial institutions


As part of METRO, we comply with the METRO Compliance Programme. This means all activities are in absolute compliance with all applicable laws and the Business Principles laid down by METRO.

If you have any questions concerning compliance, please contact