METRO360 - Frequently Asked Questions


What is METRO360?

METRO360 is a tool that supports invoice chain acceleration for our suppliers. This advanced platform provides clarity about invoice and credit statuses, allowing for a more streamlined process. This is a part of our METRO sCORE Strategy, which aims to support our suppliers and helps us go wholesale to the max together.

How do I get access to METRO360?

Signing up for a demo is the first step to getting access to METRO360! Click here to choose a slot that works for you. Learn the benefits and how METRO360 brings clarity to your business on the demo with our support team. After upgrading, you can access it by clicking on the METRO360 tab on the MIAG portal.

How can I use METRO360 to view my invoices?

METRO360 streamlines invoice management by offering a user-friendly interface that allows easy access to invoice records from multiple METRO core systems. With a default setting that displays all invoices, you can quickly filter through the records using various criteria such as amount, invoice date, payment date, and more. Additionally, the program also lets you download the generated output in csv format for your convenience.

How can METRO360 help my business?

Our advanced invoice management tool offers automatic reconciliation. By cutting down the time you spend on administrative tasks, METRO360 lets you focus on growing your METRO business. Eliminating the waiting time and slow process brought on by manual reconciliation, you now have faster invoice-matching. Unlimited reconciliation allows for more resolutions as well as more on-time payments, which leads to improved working capital for growing your core business with us.