Payment and MIAG Payment Guarantee


MIAG conducts payment services for METRO GROUP sales lines, allowing an accurate assessment of the risk level in local operations. MIAG’s Payment Services activities are a necessary requirement for MIAG Payment Guarantee services. They help determine the correct capital adequacy level which is attained through the Payment Services function.

MIAG Payment Guarantee

The MIAG Payment Guarantee helps strengthen the financial credibility of METRO GROUP suppliers and also save costs. It is one of the core activities for METRO GROUPsuppliers. With this service, MIAG provides a 100 per cent payment guarantee for suppliers’ METRO trade receivables and ensures a simple claims process.

This, in turn, allows METRO GROUP suppliers’ partner banks to reduce their collection risks. Due to the continuing severe credit environment, managing collection risks has become a key priority for banks and financial institutions in recent years. External credit insurance, however, is expensive for suppliers and reduces their margins.

Thus, the MIAG Payment Guarantee is a cost-efficient and reliable alternative for external credit insurers which delivers great advantages for METRO GROUP suppliers:

  • The MIAG Payment Guarantee helps save costs and protect supplier margins.
  • It reduces non-payment risks (100 per cent guarantee).
  • It supports the reliability of suppliers as METRO business partners and constitutes the basis for increased credit access from financial institutions.

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